Our week that was…

It’s been an action packed week for Baby A. She’s on the move. Rolling around the floor in a bid for freedom. For a couple of weeks she’s been perfecting the back to front roll, getting stuck and frustrated. Now she’s mastered the art and keeping her in one place on the floor is a thing of the past. I forgot how quickly it comes around.


The past two weeks we’ve been transitioning her from her hammock to her cot. It’s taken a bit of work getting her used to it, but now she’s now in her cot full time.

The hammock hangs empty and lonely in the corner of our room. I can’t quite bring myself to take it down yet. I’m not sure why. I suspect it’s to do with the time going by so fast, and willing it to slow down. Possibly the thought that it may be the last time we will use it…

Baby A hits the six month mark this week. Over the past two weeks she’s been tucking into small amounts of baby rice and some pureed veges which seem to be going down a treat.

Little Miss Five has been out in the garden practising trampolining this week. She has a trampoline display at gym club, so has been dusting up on her moves.

Ruby tramp

Excitement is building for us all, particularly Little Miss Five as Grandad on the Computer (A.K.A. my Dad who is in the UK and skypes with us, hence the computer) and his wife fly out to us soon.

They arrive in mid-December and are staying for the entire school summer holidays – seven weeks of live in babysitters, hurrah!. So Little Miss Five is busy dreaming up a storm of activities for Grandad on the computer to do with her in real actual life. Not sure it’s going to be a restful holiday for them!


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