Friday Favourites!

This week I have three gorgeous Friday Favourites for you.

Here are my favourite reads from other parenting bloggers that resonated or made me chuckle most this week.

Motherhood the real deal
A Mother’s Love & Bond
I loved this gorgeous poem about a mother’s love. I have a bit of a thing for poems about parenting at the moment and this one is super cute.

Yellowbelly Mummy
Ten Episodes of Peppa Pig I’d *Really* Like to See
Peppa Pig for adults. Oh gosh, how I chortled and snorted my way through this fab post. Peppa Pig has been a favourite in our house for several years now and I’m quite partial to watching an episode or two. But these episodes, oh how I would love to watch these! Snort!

Life With Baby Kicks
Dear Mummy, I’m Not Sleeping Because…
This feels like such a familiar story to me this week! Baby A is all about popping her eyes open when I lay her down in her cot. Even if I do the slow and steady recoil as I remove my hands from under her body. And even if I tiptoe like a robber from the room. Bing! Open they pop. If she’s had just five minutes sleep, she can be like a box of fluffy birds. Reset until the next sleep time! I liked this post because it conveys the multitude of factors that we try and run through in our minds as to why a baby WON’T GO TO SLEEP! Lovely little puzzles.

Enjoy. x

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