Monday Mumspiration

There are so many wonderful quotes dotted throughout various children’s books. This is one of my favourites by Roald Dahl. The sentiment contained within it more than applies to motherhood.

As a mum it’s easy to put ourselves and our own wants and needs last. Life is busy and our littlies need us. There’s always something to do; cooking, cleaning, shopping, laundry. On top of this we want to spend some quality time with our partners and children.

The hours in the day soon run out, making it difficult to find time for ourselves. But looking after ourselves is super important. Because if we nurture and treat ourselves with kindness it will bring us a greater sense of balance and wellbeing. We will feel happier and more energised, which in turn will help us to cope with everything that family life throws at us.

I’m certainly no expert at doing this. In fact, I’m very guilty of not doing it as often as I should! But this quote reminds me that I am important too. If I am to be my best for myself and my family, I need to nurture myself.

So make sure you grab some time for yourself this week. Do something you love. Take a nap. Walk in the sunshine. Read a book. Drink in a beautiful view. Relax in a bath. Do whatever helps you to TWINKLE inside and out. x

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7 thoughts on “Monday Mumspiration

  1. Lisa@intotheglade says:

    Oh this is so true! I know that, as a working mum, I struggle with the guilt thing and find it difficult to find time to do little things for myself, but I must make an effort. I love your little list of suggestions, any one of them would be fab! I’m going to start with a bath instead of a shower tonight – thank you for the inspiration xx

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