Friday Favourites

My four best blog reads of the week are packed full of creativity, humour and bravery.

Rhyming with wine
No cake for me thanks, said no mum ever
I love this rhyme. So clever. Seriously though. What mum does refuse cake?! I too have a weakness for baked goods. And I too vowed to make November and the run up to Christmas healthy, so I could feel less guilty about scoffing my face senseless during the festive season!

I didn’t get off to a good start. Last Sunday, which was the first day of November, I decided I needed to practice making lemon meringue pie. Just well, you know, because. Because it was Sunday and baking eaten at the weekend doesn’t count. Anyway. Back to the rhyme. It’s fab. Very funny and very true!

Gemma the Family Girl
My Battle with Anxiety
I empathised with Gemma and the feelings and sentiment in this post. I thought she was very brave to share her experiences of depression and anxiety despite her being worried about doing so.

When you are gripped in the middle of an anxiety attack (which can be short or very prolonged – days/weeks) it’s the most debilitating feeling, so I especially like the tips that Gemma provides for helping to manage anxiety.

Belly Belly
Dr Seuss Breastfeeding Parody
I love this breastfeeding parody to the theme of green eggs and ham. It is strongly breastfeeding focused, but just for the record I’m all for feeding babies whichever way (breast or formula) you need to.

Like Real Life Blog
That’s Not My Life. A New That’s Not My Book For Mums
Most mums will have seen those ‘that’s not my….’ books. Well this is the adult version and it’s genius! Although I think “that’s not my bed…” needs to be added! Funny drawings too. A definite must-share is this one!

I hope you enjoy. x

3 thoughts on “Friday Favourites

  1. rhymingwithwine says:

    Thank you very much for the shout out! Loving your other recommendations too. Sending hugs… and cake. ;0)

    Ps. I’m also very much in agreement – all baked goods are indeed calorie free on a weekend. And Fridays. And other days with a “Y” in it…. x


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