Our week that was…

One of the main reasons I started this blog was to record memories about our family life as our girls grow. I love the idea of physically handwriting our memories in a diary, but for some reason I’ve just never been good at getting things onto paper. It feels easier to write about our week in a blog and means I can share our adventures more easily with my family in the UK.

So, Our Week That Was… will be my weekly diary of our family life and happy moments captured in words and photos.

This week got off to a spooky start. Halloween! Little Miss Five got to experience her first trick or treating adventure. Off she went dressed in her Halloween onesie with her backpack at the ready for treats.

IMG_8742Her initial shyness at house number one disappeared quickly and she went running from house-to-house as fast as her little legs could carry her.

By the time she came home she was weighed down with goodies, which I think will be about enough to last until next Halloween!

Cricket skills practice started for Little Miss Five this week. It’s something she’s been wanting to do for a while. She loves going to summertime cricket games with her Dad and it’s something that they can go off and do together which is nice.

Like most 5 year olds (I hope!), Little Miss Five’s concentration span lasts for a short amount of time. It’ll be interesting to see how she goes practising cricket skills for an hour and a half. Actually, more to the point it’ll be interesting to see how much hair Mr M has left at the end of the six week course. I’m sure he’ll be pulling a little of his hair out during each skills evening! Hopefully I’m wrong! As hard as she tries, she often gets a little distracted and needs to be encouraged to concentrate! Bless!

It was also Education Out of The Classroom week at Little Miss Five’s school this week. A trip to Rainbow Springs in Rotorua, a visit to a local Marae, and a pyjama sports day were some of the activities she enjoyed.

When I asked her what her favourite part of her trip to Rainbow Springs was, this is the response I got:

Me: “What was your best bit of the trip my little sausage?”
LM5: “Sitting next to (BFF) on the bus”.
Me: “That’s nice sweetie. What about your second favourite bit? What about the cool birds and the Tuatara?”
LM5: “Sleeping on the bus on the way there and the way back.”

The wildlife park obviously made an impression then! She probably would have been happy on the bus all day!

Baby A has also had a big week. She has mastered the art of happily squeaking and squealing like a, well… you know, girl. It’s her favourite go to form of communication, particularly when it’s directed right into my ear! When it’s coupled with a bout of giggles too it’s just one of the best sounds ever.

Trick number two for pipsqueak has been perfecting her back to front roll. After spending a couple of days getting frustrated at not being able to free her arms, she’s figured it out and is enjoying a smidge more freedom.

20151106_155921 (1)

The week finished with five month vaccinations, which she took in her stride. A small cry with each leg, but still managed a teary gummy grin for the nurse afterwards.

Next week we will mostly be battling with Baby A’s permanent move from a hammock (which she’s been in since birth) to a cot. I think much coffee and many deep breaths are going to be needed!

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