Friday favourites

I’ve come across a heap of fab parenting and mummy blogs this week. There are so many great posts out there. Here’s a round up of my favourite reads this week because, as Little Miss Five tells me, sharing is caring!

Stolen Sleep
How To Really And Truly Get Your Baby To Sleep Through The Night
I chuckled all the way through this post. I love the humour and just how spot-on all the points in the post are. It resonated so completely with me – especially the transfer ready and sleep crutch points! A must read for all sleep deprived mummies.

You Baby Me Mummy
How to really get your blog noticed
This is a fabulous family lifestyle blog, packed full of mummy/family posts as well as blogging ‘how-to’ posts. There are so many I want to read! I’m a blogging newbie, so one that immediately popped out to me was How To Really Get Your Blog Noticed. Super helpful. Thanks!

5 Things I Would Tell the First-Time-Mom Version of Me
Sometimes I think about what I would tell myself about having my first baby if I could pop back in time. I don’t need to think about it anymore. This post pretty much sums up the key points for me. Second time around I’ve thrown away the baby rule book and I’m just going with the flow far more.

Have Kids, They Said. It’ll Be Fun, They Said
Anatomy of a Six Hour Car Ride
I only have Little Miss Five and a pipsqueak and car journeys are interesting enough. Flash forward a couple of years and I can fully imagine myself in the same predicament. A delightful description of a painful journey!

More favourite posts next week. x

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