Up, up and away…

Phew. We survived our first ever school holiday! We’re all still in one piece and little Miss Five trotted back off to school last week (none too pleased about it).

I was a bit unsure how I would handle the holidays having Baby A and Little Miss Five together solidly for two weeks (I know, I need to harden up)! So I planned an array of activities to pull out of my hat if needed, along with a short trip to the glorious Coromandel, here in NZ.

In the end the holidays went by so fast and smoothly we only had time for one of the crafts I had planned. A totally cute paper mache hot air balloon. I first got the idea from Lulu Loves (big thanks and how amazing are theirs?!) and thought we’d give it a go.

I’m most definitely a crafting novice. I’ve always liked the idea of doing crafts like this with Little Miss Five and, now that we’ve done one, I’m looking forward to doing more together. Because that’s what it’s about isn’t it, spending time with my girl and working on something together.

No crafting project with a young child would be fully complete without a grumble and whinge or two along the way (surely?). But mostly though we crafted along like happy fluffy bunnies hopping through a field. When it was complete, Little Miss Five (and I) was totally proud of her handiwork.

First we got our balloon (must be a pink spotty one mummy)and covered it with cut out newspaper and magazine pages using PVA glue. This took us a few days on and off. We started with a mix of water and PVA, but it didn’t seem to stick well enough so we just went for the straight PVA.



Next we popped on over to Spotlight so that Little Miss Five could pick some fabric offcuts to cover the balloon with. Because one of the fabrics was light in colour and we thought the newspaper may show through, we covered the whole balloon in white printer paper. We left for a day and the started adding the fabric.


Initially we tried to place the material in strips. But I couldn’t get it to lie flat around the curve of the balloon, so we just patch worked the material instead, using the PVA glue to stick the bottom of the material to the balloon and then to coat over the top.


Little Miss Five choose some pretty turquoise ribbon, which I placed over the balloon. Using a hot glue gun I glued the ribbon at the top and then near to the bottom so the ribbon curved around the balloon.

We wanted a good sized ‘basket’ for the bottom, so we used a 250ml sour cream pot. Then we wrapped and hot glued paper around it.

Next Little Miss Five wanted to add some sparklies with the glue gun. Finally she decided it needed a big star for the front (to tie it to the starry material) so she covered a foam star with glue and added some gold glitter, which we stuck to the front.


Carefully I made four holes around the basket and threaded the ribbon ropes through. Once I had them more or less level (read: slightly wonky) I tied them off. All done! Pleased as punch.


What crafty ideas have you had to keep your little ones busy during school holidays?

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