Three Awesome Parenting Blogs

I can’t believe I haven’t really peeked into parenting blog land until just recently. I find it incredibly heartening and reassuring to read that other parents are going through the same stuff as me. Being a mummy is fab, but it can be guilt-ridden, tiring and lonely sometimes.

I could have done with delving in five years ago when Little Miss Five was just a wee one. It would have opened my eyes to different parenting styles (a whole other blog post) and helped a lot with my first time mum worries.

Now, with Baby A, a guilty pleasure of mine is flicking through parenting blogs, or Facebook, or catching up on the news while she feeds (see, you can feel guilty about everything)! Mind you, five years ago I didn’t own a smart phone so feeding times were mostly spent either gazing at the baby (lovely) or staring at the crappy paint job on the walls.

It’s been really refreshing. Especially the parenting blogs that don’t polish things up. The blogs that are honest and raw and tell it like it is. Because sometimes that’s what you need.

And I’ve come across some real gems of blogs that I love to read. Here are three of my faves at the moment (because they are too good to keep to myself)!

Mama Said
This is a diamond of a parenting blog. It is gutsy and honest, with a big dose of humour and always engaging to read. Emily, the blog’s author, tells it like it is when it comes to writing about parenting, which is very refreshing. There are no rose-tinted parenting glasses around here, which I love.

Awesome sketches depicting Doodlemum’s family life. Clever and often amusing, with a few well chosen words, I enjoy indulging in these regular illustrative treats.

Just a Normal Mummy
Another fab mummy blog that resonates and makes me smile and chuckle in agreement. Honest and very funny, covering all sorts of mummy/parenting antics and challenges. The name of the blog is perfect, because let’s face it, we are all just normal mummies trying to find our way through what ever pregnancy, child birth and kiddie wink rearing throws at us.

Enjoy! x

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