Yummy Bliss Balls

It’s the school holidays. Our first school holiday in fact. After last week’s epic parenting FAIL I thought I’d plan some activities in advance to keep Little Miss Five occupied.

One of our favourite pastimes is baking and making yummy treats. So when I came across some delicious looking Vanilla and Goji Bliss Balls I thought they would be a quick and easy treat for us to try.

Even better is that they are refined sugar free. So they are a healthier treat too! I’ve been looking for some healthier lunch box and after school snack alternatives for little Miss Five and I think these are a definite keeper.

We had fun making them and they were super quick and easy. Basically we added cashews, coconut, and some goji berries and blitzed in the food processor.

IMG_8221Then we added lemon juice and zest. A little water and a few more gojis.

IMG_8231We blitzed again and the mix turned a rich orangey yellow.


Next we rolled the mixture into little balls – they were a bit sticky at first. I had to pop away to get Baby A back to sleep for about 10 minutes, but when I came back they were much easier to roll for some reason. So I’d probably leave them for 10 minutes or so next time if they were sticky.

IMG_8238We put a little desiccated coconut into a bowl and rolled the balls around in it to decorate. Then they simply needed to chill out in the fridge for 15 minutes or so. They lasted just about that long before we snaffled some up.

IMG_8253And blissful they were! Quite lemony and coco-nutty, with a smooth soft texture. In fact I would probably rename them lemon, coconut and cashew bliss balls because those are the predominant flavours rather than the vanilla and goji. I kept them in the fridge and it’s been handy having a little healthy sweet treat to give Little Miss Five over the past few days.

For the full recipe, hop on over to The Style Insider website.

Yum! What healthy sweet treat recipes do you love making?

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