Dragon Mummy Awakens

I’m glad to see the back of last week. It wasn’t a good one. Dragon Mummy awoke and did not come out on the right side of her lair.

Baby A was sick with her first snotty cold, topped up with a yucky, sticky dose of conjunctivitis. I could feel the onset of the lurgy knocking at my door and Little Miss Five decided she was going to turn Little Miss 15 in the attitude stakes. Joy of joys. Lucky for him Mr M was away with work for a couple of days. Timing was perfect for him. Not so much for me.

We seem to be going through a tricky stage with Little Miss Five. I guess it’s typical five year old behaviour – easily distracted and trying to test the limits. Also affecting it will no doubt be the fact that Little Miss Five had us to herself for the best part of five years. Now she needs to share us with her new sister. Athough she loves Baby A to bits, I’m sure the change in attention levels is part of the cause. Tiredness from starting school, will undoubtedly have added to it.

It’s nothing particularly bad. Mostly it’s been refusing to do what we ask with a resolute “Nah-ah”, a dose of know-it-all answering back thrown in, and some painted on ears. Is it just me or does anyone else tire of asking for the same things to be done over and over and over and over?!

Even though I try, I DO NOT have the patience of a saint. And last week my patience popped with gusto, like a cork out of a bottle of well-cellared champagne.

After a particularly bad episode of trying to get poorly Baby A to sleep, and multiple episodes of trying to get Little Miss Five to listen to me and to tidy a play room that you could barely get into (let alone the funky smell that was emanating from it), Dragon Mummy awoke and the growls were loud and prolonged.

So Baby A woke-up, Little Miss Five stomped around shouting back at the dragon. And nothing was achieved. In fact, the opposite. You know as soon as you start shouting it’s only going to make you feel like a crappy mum. Because all it results in is tears. Theirs and sometimes yours too.

I did not win any mummy of the year awards that day.

Since then the Dragon has gone back into her cave. I’ve been looking for new ideas on how to encourage better listening and get through this stage, not just for Little Miss Five, but for me as well.

Being a mummy is the best job in the world. But it can be bloody hard at times! But then life isn’t always a box of fluffies is it?! I reckon the challenges make us stronger and more experienced. So it’s that that I hold onto when it gets tough!

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