Stepping out of the comfort zone

Yesterday I voluntarily stepped out of my comfort zone. I entered a room full of other people that I had never met before. Not for business, but for pleasure, which for me is no small feat.

See, I’m a bit of a wall flower when it comes to social situations and gatherings. I like to hang around the edges of the room and try to fade into the background. I’m what you would call socially inept. Which is ironic really considering I work in the communications industry. I usually feel awkward and nervous and find it difficult to strike up a conversation, let alone keep it going. It’s like I just clam up inside.

But yesterday I decided to crack the whip on myself and get out and meet some other mums. I’m tired of feeling lonely and need some adult and mummy conversation! So I headed to a mum’s morning tea and craft session with Baby A.

I’m so glad that I did! It was exactly what I needed. Even though I felt a bit nervous as I entered the room, that soon slipped away. Everyone was so welcoming and lovely. Of course it helps when you have something in common like children as an ice breaker, which meant that I actually braved starting a conversation! I needn’t have been worried!

Craft of the day was making a tea towel apron, which also provided some extra chatter and laughter. And although I hadn’t used a sewing machine for the best part of 20 years, help was at hand from one mum while another looked after Baby A and got her to sleep. Thank you! Isn’t the apron just so cute!

It was such a tonic. It just goes to show that if you push yourself out of your comfort zone and through your fear, that good, happy things can happen. It was fun and I’m looking forward to catching up with the mums again at the next session!

2 thoughts on “Stepping out of the comfort zone

    1. MissH says:

      Thanks for linking to my blog! It’s strange to say this, but nice to hear that the post resonated with someone – good to know I’m not the only one out there that feels like this! Good luck with the blogging 101 learning curve. I’m new to it all too!


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