Do you have a good baby?

Photo by Hayley Callard
Photo by Hayley Callard

“Is she a good baby?” It’s always a very well intentioned question. People genuinely want to know how your baby is. But it got me thinking. By asking if a baby is good, surely it implies that some babies are bad? Is there really such a thing as a good or bad baby? I don’t think there is. I think babies are just babies, no matter how they are.

Each baby is individual. They come in all sizes and (most definitely) temperaments! Some are happy, some cry a lot. Some are placid, some are tetchy. Some sleep for more than one sleep cycle during day sleeps, some don’t. Some sleep many hours through the night and some don’t. You get the picture.

So what would constitute a bad baby? I don’t believe it makes a baby ‘bad’ if they cry a lot, get cranky, or don’t sleep for long periods of time during the day or night. They are surely just being a baby and at a very young age they don’t know any other way of being? After being so cosily cocooned inside us for so many months, it is their way of communicating their needs to us in this strange world that they have entered. Who would blame them!

So no, I don’t believe there are good or bad babies. There are just babies. And all are unique and wonderful wee beings that bring us joy and challenges along the way!

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